What's this all about?

This site is an experiment in microfiction.

You see, whenever I sit down to try to write anything big...I stumble. I imagine a lot of people do. I have bits and pieces, ideas and drabbles in my head, but I don't always have a big story to tell, at least, not all at once.

So, this site is an experiment, and a challenge to myself. As often as I can, I'm going to write something original. It may ultimately connect to something else I've written. It may be entirely stand-alone. It may start out one way and turn into another.

Or, y'know, like many experiments, it may simply go nowhere. But I'd rather try and fail than wonder! So here I am, putting my words out there.

I hope you like them!

Want to contact me? Reach out to me at unclemikey at gmail dot com!