[Meta] NaNoWriMo Day 1!

1837 words across two chapters. A good start!

This will be a novel set in Newer York, the setting for a lot of the stories I've been writing here. Those stories have all been me exploring the venue and the timeline, which as been in my head for years. Now, I think I have a handle on things and can reach for something bigger. The real trick will be getting all the way through it. The nice thing about focusing on shorter stories and chapters is that "finished" isn't hard. A novel is a big deal. Finishing a novel--getting a beginning, a middle, and and end--even if it needs a lot of work before it sees daylight, is a big deal.

I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

There will still be shorter stories actually posted during November, just at a much slower cadence than before.

Thank you to everyone who has had something kind and/or constructive (it's mostly been both) to say about this exercise so far!