Added 1,676 words, bringing me to 41,462. I feel good about the numbers, but the writing was a slog, in part because I'm trying to develop two additional POV characters I feel the book needs. I kinda know their voices—they've been "talking" to me for a while, but coaxing their story out of them is rough. I suspect that there will be some heavy revision in the second draft to better integrate them with the flow of the story (or else to decide I don't really need them after all? But right now, I'm pretty sure I do).

These are both characters I had planned to introduce all along, mind you, but most of what I've written so far has focused on my MC and what has basically become my secondary MC. Each of them provides a different perspective on the main setting everything is happening on, but they're allies, so their ultimate aims are roughly similar.

The two other characters, one is an outsider-looking-in who has lived in the setting for years but originates from a very different one; and the other is the antagonist. I'm a firm believer in the notion that the most interesting antagonists are the ones who have a fully developed raison d'etre and are not just mustache-twirlers. That means we need to hear from the antagonist, and since they don't have any direct interaction so far with my MC or other POV characters, that means I need to write scenes from their POV!

In general, today was lower energy and poorer "flow" than I'd hoped for, but the thing got done, and what I have advances the overall goal, so I'm content.