[Meta] NaNoWriMo Days 15 & 16

Got 1,168 words in Friday, and 2,013 in today, for a total of 30,497 so far. Click through to read some thoughts about describing characters.

Got 1,168 words in Friday, and 2,013 in today, for a total of 30,497 so far. Both days were about aftermath from the rather shocking turn I threw at things on Thursday.

I'm realizing that, when I do my second draft, I'm going to have to go back and add in some actual descriptive text of some of the Jewish trappings that I imagine in my head going on but don't write. People touching mezuzot when they cross doorposts (even shipboard); wearing head coverings, talit, and so on. I do talk about them regularly attending services, but there's a bunch of other stuff I just sort of assume.

I've also been bad in general about describing people. Some of this is that I honestly don't want to nail down races, skin colours, etc. Truth is, I figure Newer Yorkers are mostly pretty brown, having intermarried in a closed but genetically diverse community for several hundred years. There'd be some outliers where more uniform characteristics from one or another of what we in the 21st century insist on calling "race" are prominent, but the median would definitely be on the brown side.

But I've always had a hard time describing people—like, if you ask me to describe the face of someone I know well? I'd be at a loss. I'm terrible at it. It's something I may have to tackle, though. People do like to have some idea of what the people they're reading about look like.