[Meta] Random News

An update on the state of the Mikey, or at least, his writing!

My output has slowed down considerably, lately, in part because of holidays, in part because of catching up from some things I set aside to do NaNoWriMo, and in part just because of Winter Doldrums. I've actually been writing at least a little bit on a fairly regular basis, but it's mainly been adding pieces to things that aren't ready to post, like the novel (which I'm not currently planning to post, but rather to try to publish!) and some ongoing stories, like "The Case of the Kid in the Park" (part 1 and part 2 of which were published back in December).

In the past, when my output has slowed down after a long period of steady production on a project, I got tangled up in guilt about it and the project foundered. But the whole point of this exercise was to get out of my own way, including on things like guilt. I produced a LOT of stuff when I started all this back in August, where a lot of other writers produce only a couple of things they post or try to submit a month. I don't have a lot to feel bad about!

Anyway, writing is happening; there will be more things posted publicly even as I also focus on things to try to get published the old fashioned way as well; and I very much appreciate the support of everyone who has had a kind word for my efforts!

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