Another 2,248 words added, bringing me to 27,316. Some interesting developments tonight.

For one thing, I am either going to wind up abandoning the more complicated structure I originally had for this novel, or else finish writing the linear narrative and then go back and intersperse the contextual and slice-of-life chapters I had intended each section to include.

For another thing, I once again surprised myself with what I decided to do with a character, killing someone off that I'd originally thought I might keep, while conversely keeping someone else alive I'd thought I might kill off. The body count now stands at four, our MC is unconscious, and everything is nicely in disarray. But the result moves the action along at a much better pace than my original plans.

When my MC comes to, he's going to find himself facing a significant disability for much of the rest of the narrative. In fact, it may come to define him for the rest of his life—I haven't decided if there'll be a "fix" for it or not! Since this is a character I hope to use again, that will also be interesting.