Another 1,389 today, and about 1,440 yesterday, for a total of 33,326. Daily pace is definitely behind, but overall I'm on track still. The last two days were mainly spent on a pair of transitional scenes, deeply personal, in which each of my POV characters spent time with their families before diving back into the fray. I'm getting a little better about writing "relationship" moments, or at least, I think I am. They still don't come as naturally as I'd like, not because I don't know what's happening but because I struggle with describing it.

Tomorrow, I need to figure out where earlier in the story to fit in a chapter that introduces another character, and her backstory, in a way that contextualizes worldbuilding without too much exposition. This novel is set in the Newer York universe, which I've written quite a few stories about already, but is intended to stand alone and may be the first thing I actually try to publish. That means that somehow, the context of the Revi'ini, a people made up entirely of clones of 31 dissidents, needs to find its way into the story without a Weberesque infodump. (I love David Weber's work, but I've made a conscious decision to not infodump like that if I can help it!)